Building Quality Homes Since 1945

KIT Custom Homebuilders

About Our Manufacturer

KIT Custom Homebuilders has been providing Northwest families affordable quality homes for more than 60 years. In 2003-04, they became a privately held company when two industry veterans, tired of the corporate environment, purchased the company. Together they surrounded themselves with like-minded individuals who believe their small company has unique advantages over large corporate competitors. These advantages manifested when KIT dedicated themselves to superior quality, flexibility, and customer service.

The Philosophy

KIT’s philosophy is simple: “We exist to serve our customers.” The company is built on a foundation of integrity, quality, and flexibility. 100% customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal. The in-house engineering staff can design the home of your dreams in a short time. Their customers receive the personal service they cannot obtain from large corporate competitors through KIT’s experienced service department and network of independent contractors located throughout their market area.

KIT Homes

Located in Caldwell, Idaho, KIT’s homes are marketed throughout the western states by locally owned retailers. Partnering together with expert local retailers allows KIT Custom Homebuilders to become part of your local community. So to speak, we live in your area.

What do you get when you buy a KIT home? With KIT Custom Homebuilders you get quality, luxury, and design. Their goal is to give more than you imagined and more than you expected. All of their homes can be built to your choice of either the national HUD Code or to your local building code. They don’t cut corners, which is why many upgrade features such as Energy Star construction come standard in all their manufactured homes. A wide variety of potions are also available for you to choose from.

Take the Tour

At KIT Custom Homebuilders, their motto is an “informed homebuyer is a smart homebuyer.” What is behind the walls is every bit as important as what you see. They encourage customers to ask their retailer about arranging for them to come to Caldwell to “Take the Tour” of KIT’s state of the art manufacturing plant. This way, you can see how your home will be built. KIT Custom Homebuilders believes so much that you’ll like what you see that they will help pay your expenses in coming to the plant and give you a discount on your home. They look forward to seeing you!